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About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of Wooden Boxes, Crates and Pallets. We provide and implement best packaging solutions for your products. We can fulfill most of your requirements on short delivery notice. Our Team works day-in and day-out to fulfill our Clients requirements. Since three years, we have served our Clients with the best quality products within least Mfg time. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified to maintain the QMS in manufacturing.
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What we offer?

Packaging solutions for:

  • Export Packaging
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Re-usable Packaging
  • Home Decor / Gift Packaging / Pallet furniture
  • Foldable Wooden Boxes(DIY)


Major Applications:

  • Shipping
  • Packaging
  • Manufacturing
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical

We provide Innovative and economical wooden Packaging solutions from Cradle to Cradle supply for all types of Industries. We can fulfill most of your requirements in a very short lead time and on short delivery notice. Our Team works day-in and day-out to fulfill our Clients requirements. We, at TechBox Solutions, value our Customer needs and demands of their changing requirements of Packaging Solutions and solve the problems Industries are facing currently. We are slowly moving towards implementing better Traceability for our customers so that they can track their management of their Order and also give feedback regarding the same. We are in a phase of developing new packaging solutions for our Customers. We also value the Goals of Sustainability from Economical, Social and Ecological point of view and slowly working towards it to follow UN Sustainability goals.


To provide wooden packaging solutions to our customers taking into consideration present and future needs and to make their packaging more affordable and sustainable without compromising it’s quality.

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Why Us?


Our Products are manufactured from Sustainable Raw material/ Reusable product. We avoid use of plastic and plastic products and thus making our packaging boxes unique


Our Customers are our top priority, therefore we make sure our products reach our customers at most affordable prices

Heat treated Products

Our Wooden Products are completely Heat treated


We make your products of best quality which are durable and aesthetic

Zero Defect Manufacturing

We aim to produce our products with zero defect to improve our Customer Satisfaction and our efficiency to deliver product at right time

Latest Technology

Your products are manufactured with latest technology whether they are pallets, boxes or you are using it for your Home decor


We also provide wooden packaging Consultation for your products whether it's machine, glass, wedding decor, gifting items, plantation, bridal clothing and accessories

Our Customers

Our Products

Wooden Pallets

We are designing and manufacturing your Pallets in an engineered way with Analysis according to your given load and way it can be handled according to your application.
Heat Treatments-
Fumigation: This Fumigated Wooden Pallet is treated with the pest control fumigants. Fumigation are mostly formed by using the heat treatment and Methyl Bromide


  1. Wooden Pallets are manufactured and used for different Industries.
  2. Specific Applications are Stacking of Products.
  3. Material handling in logistics for ease of Transportation.
  4. Exporting of your machineries and other products to protect your product from different mediums.

A: Export Wooden Pallets
Make: Rubber wood / Timber wood / Pine wood

  • Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Inexpensive and Longer life.
  • Easily Repaired and can be customized according to your demands.
  • Manufacturing of Pallets according to EPAL and U.S standards (if required).

B: Two-way pallet
Make: Rubber wood / Timber wood / Pine wood

  • Economical to manufacture, better Strength and Durability.
  • Lack of flexibility with regards to pallet entry for Forklift.
  • Mostly used in warehouse.

C: Four-way Pallet
Make: Rubber wood / Timber wood / Pine wood

  • Can be entered from either end and both sides by both FLT as well as powered pallet jack.
  • Better for utilization in Transit
  • Difficult to repair than two-way Pallet

Wooden Boxes

Crate Boxes (Full / Half)

Make: Pine wood / Rubber wood

  • Strong and waterproof in Nature.
  • Easy to Customize, transport and store them.
  • Pinewood boxes are light in weight and easy to carry for small boxes.
  • Most preferred type during shipping - Cost effective.
  • Sustainable wood material - Can be reused again.
  • Can withstand heavy load.

Plywood Boxes

A: Standard Plywood Boxes
Make: Plywood

  • Good strength and Durability.
  • Superior finish.
  • Available in different thickness.
  • Can be altered according to Customer Requirements.
  • Quick and easy to manufacture compared to Wooden Boxes.

B: Folding Boxes - Nailless Packaging
Make: Plywood

  • Foldable by design, hence space utilization.
  • No screwing, nailing, stapling.
  • Capacity ranges from 15 kg to 5000 kg.
  • Base pallet : 2way or 4 way.
  • Modern Lean way for Packaging.
  • Working towards ISPM 15 standards

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